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Waka Flocka Flame Suggests Donald Trump Is A Better President Than Barack Obama

Waka Flock Flame takes to the Shaderoom Instagram comments to suggest Donald Trump is a better President than Barack Obama.
Waka Flocka Visits Music Choice

Source: Santiago Felipe / Getty

As we get closer to election day, more and more celebrities are caught in the crossfire of political wars.

Just in this past week alone, Ice Cube was caught in the crossfire when it was announced he helped Trump with his plan for “Black America.” The actions of helping weren’t the main reason for the backlash, it was more so about the fact he would entertain someone who might not even be in office for too much longer. Ice Cube revealed the Dems wanted to meet after the election, which makes sense, and maybe if he would have listened, he wouldn’t be getting the backlash he is right now.

A few days later, 50 Cent threw himself into the mix with his endorsement of Donald Trump, which he based entirely on a tax policy Biden would enforce if elected. Somehow, people just keep stepping in the crossfire unprompted.

Yesterday, Barack Obama delivered a scathing speech about Trump and when it hit social media, it was an instant hit. On TheShadeRoom’s Instagram page, one user commented “You’d be a clown to think Trump was better than Obama”. Waka Flocka responded he must be a clown, suggesting he thinks Trump is without a doubt better than Obama–a bold move in the hottest political climate ever.

At this rate, it’s no telling who will be next to unexpectedly support the MAGA agenda. Let’s just hope they are getting compensated for their support.

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