Comic Book Artist Afua Richardson Talks About Her Role In #LovecraftCountry And Emotional Reaction To On-Screen Shoutout [Video]

Comic Book Artist Afua Richardson Talks About Her Role In #LovecraftCountry

There are so many talented Black folks who contributed to bringing this show to life…

Afua Richardson

Source: Instagram/Afua Richardson / HBO

Lovecraft Country season 1 is over but it’s still replaying in our hearts and minds on a weekly basis. We can’t emphasize enough how incredible it was to watch the actors in this show usher us through their fantastical world for an hour every Sunday night. However, the actors are not the only ones who narrate the story. There are dozens of people behind the scenes who lent their talents to the biggest and the smallest details of Lovecraft Country’s intricate plot.

One such person is comic book artist Afua Richardson. She is responsible for the numerous drawings that we saw Dee sketching throughout the season. She was also name-checked in the dialogue of the finale as Hippolyta referred to her directly in a beautifully subtle moment of gratitude for the New York native. She took to Twitter to share her emotions:

How amazing is that? To get a shoutout on a Black-a$$ breakout hit series on a major cable network because of how your art moved your colleagues. We’re getting goosebumps just writing about it.

HBO took a few minutes to catch up with Afua to talk about her creative process, representing Blackness and feminity as a comic book artist, and what she wanted to convey about Diana Freeman with her art. Press play down below to watch her inspirational short.




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