SMH: Baby Mama To Ryan Henry’s Betrayed BFF Accuses Him Of Heinous Domestic Abuse

Fans of Ryan Henry were upset with the reality star after learning he betrayed his best friend by secretly having sex with the mother of his son, Nina, but now the baby mama is telling her side.

Nina has told her side, and the allegations are explosive.

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Fans of Ryan Henry were upset with the reality star after learning he betrayed his best friend by secretly having sex with the mother of his son, Nina, but now the baby mama is telling her side.

Nina Marie, the mother to Anthony Lindsey’s son and Ryan’s God son says Lindsey had been domestically abusive before she started her Ryan Henry affair, sharing photos of her alleged wounds and bruises. She also showed off an alleged restraining order and police statements she made against Lindsey in the past, reiterating that the couple has not been together since their son was a small baby, despite her forgiving him for abuse earlier in the relationship.

The alleged abuse wasn’t just in the “past”, Nina alleges Lindsey put hands on her this past March. She accused the scorned baby daddy of choking her until she passed out, providing photos of her bruises, on top of allegedly enduring emotional abuse from him throughout the years. In several Instagram posts, Nina provided her perspective of “loyalty” to Anthony.

 Abuse comes in different forms , physical, but also mental and emotional. Even after the past abuse , I STILL decided to try and forgive his behavior for the sake of OUR child.

Nina provided photos on her alleged wounds, explaining in detail how she allowed Anthony, an alleged manipulator, to stay in her life despite being abusive.

This was me on two different occasions. The first photos are from when I was nearly 5 months pregnant with our son Caydenn, and the last few photos are from this past March. When I met Anthony it was a whirlwind, I was young, naive and in love. I jumped into a relationship with him without knowing the true person he was. A master manipulator , he easily maneuvered his way into my life and slowly gained control.

The first incident completely caught me by surprise, I was so in love and felt totally betrayed. I never knew him to be abusive. A woman he was seeing at the same time he was seeing me tried to warn me and showed me proof with photos and messages. When I confronted him about it he denied it and manipulated that entire situation so that I’d believe that the other woman was crazy . After the first round of abuse I immediately obtained a restraining order and tried to move forward. Newly pregnant and alone afraid of what was to come for me as a single mother I let him back into my life when I was almost 9 mos pregnant. After Caydenn was born I decided to stick with his father and work it out to try give my son the life I never had which was one with a complete family and both biological parents in the household.

In March, Nina said she had enough.

March would mark the last and final time I would experience his abuse. That time I was completely incoherent and woke up out of that incoherence to being choked to the point where i would fall in and out of consciousness. For two weeks it would hurt to swallow. What I came on here to say is that no matter what kind of hold or power a man or woman has over you this is not acceptable. The person that I trusted to protect me and LOVE me ended up intentionally HURTING ME. Knowing that I was defenseless and weak BOTH times. This man has hurt me over and over and over again and over and over and over again I’ve forgiven him. What hurts the most is the one time I make a mistake, which in my opinion is not as traumatic or terrible as what he has done, and he decides that publicly bashing me is the way to go when I’ve consistently dealt with our issues PRIVATELY.

Anthony Lindsey has since responded to Nina’s claim of abuse by providing his own copy of a police report he agrees was filed in March 2020.

Police report from that day. Her crazy a** was fighting me! It shows me as the victim I refused to press charges. I refused to even post this back then. Public record go look it up.

Previously, Ryan Henry admitted to sleeping with Nina on and off and offered his public apology to his best friend, Anthony Lindsay while hinting that there was more “tea” to the situation while owning up to his part of the affair.

“That was true, there were situations that happened about two years ago and more recently within the last two months,” said Ryan. “Myself and all the parties involved we had talked between myself, my friend, the woman involved, my kid’s mom involved and some of our other friends, we had all talked. I hurt people that I care about badly, I disrespected myself and my family.”


Does Nina’s side make to the entanglement more clear to the public?

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