Dave Chappelle Reflects On America’s Reaction To George Floyd’s Murder With David Letterman

Dave Chappelle opens up about George Floyd, John Lewis and America’s reaction to George Floyds murder with David Letterman.

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The murder of George Floyd is still fresh on the minds of everyone who witnessed the horrific 8-minute and 46-second video shared on social media. After his passing Dave Chappelle released a short stand-up 8:46 that doubled as an open conversation on how he felt at the time. One of the main points in his special was the fact that people are desensitized to watching unarmed black men get killed online. Dave is now expanding on that topic on an upcoming episode of David Letterman’s “My Next Guest”. In the clip, Dave reiterates how blown away he is how people aren’t discussing how wild it is to see black men being killed via video so often. It’s not normal and we shouldn’t keep acting as if it is. When Letterman asks Chappelle about the difference in the aftermath of Floyd’s death and if things are changing Dave doesn’t shy away from pointing out the battle it will be to change America.

“I’m not making any predictions. I’m very hopeful, yes, that there will be real change, and just traditionally, just from my experience, change is never like a comfortable proposition. It’s uncomfortable before it’s comfortable again.”

The episode will be worth a watch as this is all from a three-minute clip. The entire episode releases Wednesday, Oct. 21st on Netflix.

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