SMH: Young Dolph Sued By Army Sergeant Who Was Fired For Twerking To His Music

Young Dolph sued by an ex-Army Sergeant who claims she was fired because he shared a video of her twerking to his song without permission.

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In the age of social media, what you post can have serious consequences.

We’ve seen everything happen on social media from shootings, to car accidents, to crimes–all from people over-sharing. The one thing folks often forget is what shared can be held against you if the police see you committed a crime, and you can be locked up in real life. If you behave in a manner your employer disagrees with, you can be fired with no questions asked. Such is the case with ex-army sergeant Akeisha Norris. According to Complex, she is suing Young Dolph claiming he caused her to get fired for sharing a video of her originally posted by her.

“[Norris] was called before her superior officers and disciplined, leading to a mental breakdown. As a result, she was sent back to the United States and dismissed from the military,” said her lawyer Keith Altman. In the legal docs, Norris said that she used to be friendly with Dolph, and has claimed that she developed PTSD after he posted her image without her consent. She is suing the rapper for an invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Somehow the “friendly” aspect may have played a part in her decision to sue, but we are sure the judge will at least get a laugh or two out of this case.

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