“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Quaylon’s Got A One Way Ticket To Texas, Is Shavel Willing To Wait? [VIDEO]

Quaylon feels torn about leaving Shavel and her daughter to go to Texas but when he talks to her about his plans they end up arguing.

Poor Shavel. She was hoping this day wouldn’t come…

Quaylon And Shavel

Source: Love After Lockup / We TV

Happy Hump Day. We’re just a few days away from this week’s all-new episode of WE tv’s hit reality docuseries “Love After Lockup” and we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure! One of our favorite couples from the show, Quaylon and Shavel are having some serious issues — all because Quaylon is being torn over whether to stay in Kansas City with Shavel and her family or to go to Houston where his mother and sister feel he’ll have a better chance at staying alive and out of trouble. It’s quite the conundrum, but as hard as he tries to get Shavel to understand, she just isn’t.

Check out the clip below:

Man. Shavel isn’t just gonna back down and make it easy, that’s for sure. We all have to make tough choices in life. Do you think Quaylon is making the right one?

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

Lindsey plays the seductress. Quaylon puts his foot down, leaving Shavel reeling. Kristianna asks John for a huge favor. Heather’s rage threatens Dylan’s freedom. Shawn panics the night before Destinie’s court date.

“Bubble Trouble” – Premieres Friday, October 16 at 9pm ET on WeTV. Will you be watching?

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