Fivio Foreign Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend After Neighbor Calls Police

Fivio Foreign arrested for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend but his girlfriend pointing the finger at her neighbors for being nosey and calling the police.

Rapper Fivio Foreign has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend after his neighbors called the police.

Fivio Foreign

Source: (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage) / (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Fivio Foreign is currently one of the most notable rappers from the New York music space and is right at the forefront of the New York drill movement. While his career and name are buzzing all over America as we speak, Fivio is currently behind bars.

He was arrested in Bergen County, New Jersey for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, who is pregnant with their second child. He will remain in the Bergen County jail after a judge ordered him to stay behind bars pending further court proceedings, instead of releasing him under the 2017 New Jersey bail reform law. The interesting part is his girlfriend is now speaking out after people have pointed the finger at her as she claims she wasn’t the one to call the police on Fivio. Rather, a nosey neighbor in their luxury condo building called the police after overhearing what was happening in their home. She also claims that after the police were called, they are the ones who decided to press charges against him, not her.

She’s hopeful he will be released and all charges will be dropped. Hopefully, things work in their favor and they can overcome their issues.

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