Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Kenneth Says He’s “1,000,000% Sure” That Louisville Police Did Not Identify Themselves”

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker say police never identified themselves once

Breonna Taylor still deserves justice. Neither she nor her family has not gotten any thus far.

This morning, Breonna’s grieving boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, appeared on GMA to talk to Gayle King about the night that changed his life forever, the night Louisville Police barged into his girlfriend’s apartment and killed her unjustly. In speaking to King about the killing, Kenneth was very clear on one point that has served as a fulcrum of controversy in this case,

He says that under no circumstances did the Louisville PD properly identify themselves before firing 6 bullets into Breonna’s body, “I’m a million percent sure.” He couldn’t have possibly been more clear about this cold hard fact.

Kenneth says if he or Breonna knew that it was the police, then they would have undoubtedly opened the door because they had no reason to suspect that they were under investigation nor committing criminal acts. THEY WERE ASLEEP! IT WAS 2 IN THE MORNING!

It’s sad that thing young man has to continue to defend himself against untrustworthy police who are playing a civil-rights-denying game of CYA at Black folks expense.

Rest in peace Breonna Taylor. We hope her spirit can rest despite the fact that she will be barred from proper justice her on earth. F**k 12.

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