“Accidentally” Cut Cord Leads To Massive Collapse Of Virginia Voter Registration System Just 21 Days Before Election

Virginia voter registration system crashes after cord cut on the last day of eligibility

You smell that? That’s that bull$#!t.


Female volunteer asking exit poll questions at election voting center

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The national election of the presidency, senate, and congress are 21 days away and somehow there has been a MAJOR voting registration debacle in Virginia. According to WUSA9, a cord, that’s right, a cord, has been cut that has disabled the state’s voter registration system on the very last day that residents of the commonwealth are eligible to register.

Putin? That you???


These are some top-notch shenanigans and local officials definitely need to investigate exactly how this happened and relay that transparent report to the public ASAP! Public confidence in elections is already at rock bottom and the idea of “rigging” has been pushed upon the voting populous by 53% of white women’s COVID-commander-in-chief that all efforts to ensure fairness should be exhausted.

Governor Ralph Northam said that he doesn’t have the power to push back the registration deadline and the courts would have to make that mandate. He said he supports such a measure but we shall see. Gotta watch these Republicans closely when it comes to elections.

If you live in Virginia and aren’t sure if you are officially registered please hit https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/VoterInformation and check on your status. Your vote is important and these people will do anything to take it away from you.

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