Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’: Ari Fletcher Sends Obscene Threat To “Beat The Baby Out” Of Pregnant Rah Ali Over THIS

Some insta-beef (turned real life beef) is brewed up between social media model Ariana Fletcher and reality star Rah Ali.

Rah Ali, Ari Fletcher

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What’s happening here?

Some insta-beef (turned real life beef) is brewed up between social media model Ariana Fletcher and reality star Rah Ali. Apparently, Ari made the obscene and disgusting threat to “beat the baby out” of pregnant Rah over an instagram post. Rah saw the comment from Ari, and responded promptly to the threat, promising to handle the situation “accordingly.”

So how did this start???

Rah Ali owns a radio show and respectively an instagram media page called “It’s Onsite” that keeps up with celebrity news and related topics. Yesterday, someone who runs the page posted screenshots from Ari’s twitter, asking their followers if they’ve ever felt the way she was expressing in the tweets. For some reason, reposting her exact tweets pissed the 25-year-old model off, resulting in her leaving threatening comments to Rah Ali and her unborn baby.


Ari didn’t only leave threatening comments, but she DMed the page, mentioning Rah’s baby daddy was about to be “disappointed.” Do you think this warranted Ari’s reaction or is something else going on here?

Rah Ali responded publicly to Ariana Fletcher’s threat, leaving a voice message to followers after receiving the message. Ali made a promise on her children to respond to Ari “appropriately”. SMH.

I’ve been made aware of the comments that were made by Ari stating she was going to beat my baby out of me and so forth. I just want to give you all the courtesy of knowing that I will handle the situation accordingly. That’s a promise…on GOD, on my unborn child as well as my deceased one. The internet is an open forum, and the things that we say hear don’t go away. I will be in touch, alright.


Wow! Ari must not remember Rah makes good on her promises and “it’s on site” are words she lives by. In a recent tweet, not related at all to this situation, Rah ironically tweeted this:

“Ooh, they so sensitive.” – Kanye West

What do you think about Ari threatening Rah Ali while she’s pregnant? Is she being fair or foul?

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