Q&A: Lizzo Talks TikTok, Prince, Her Style Being Politicized & More In Vogue’s 73 Questions [Video]

Lizzo answers 73 questions with Vogue and talks Prince being a fan and working with her, her style choices instantly being politicized, life growing up in Houston Texas, her love for “Knuck If You Buck” and more.


Source: Victoria McGraw-@victoriasaidit / Radio One Digital

Lizzo is one of the most successful entertainers to burst onto the scene in the past few years. Her lively personality has won over the hearts of fans everywhere and her in-your-face style has turned heads and made headlines constantly. In the latest episode of Vogue’s popular 73 Questions series, Lizzo talks about the fact that people always give their opinion of her style, calling anything she wears “instantly political”

“[My style] was politicized because of the things that I wore. Being a big black woman wearing what I wore onstage was instantly political and it made a statement. I’m grateful for that,” she explained. “It was annoying at first, but I’m so grateful to be a part of moving the conversation in fashion-forward for bigger bodies and Black women.”

Lizzo also talks about being a huge Beyoncé fan and how it feels knowing the queen is a fan of hers, as well. She also admits that the two of them have never met, but says Vogue can make it happen. With the two being Houston natives, she also talks about life growing up in H-town.

In the other 70-plus questions, the star talks Tik-Tok, wanting to walk down the aisle to “Knuck If You Buck,” her fashion choices, and more. You can watch her answer the entire slew of questions down below.

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