‪Bribery, Scams & Desparity: The Wildest, Funniest Twitter Reactions To PS5 Pre-Orders Selling Out ‬

Twitter has gone cuckoo for ps5.

Twitter has gone cuckoo for ps5.

Yesterday, Sony announced the long-awaited Playstation 5 will finally be available for purchase on November 12, just in time for the holiday season and they opened up pre-orders extra early, sending gamers into a frenzy. Although retailers like Best Buy made pre-ordering available Wednesday evening the console sold out in no time. This caused a sleuth of hilarious tweets to be made…and threats to Sony!

People are already thinking of slick ways to get their hands on the shiny, new gaming system.

Scanning the PS5 as a bell pepper at self-checkout>>>”

Not people planning to steal! LOL. Others are planning to bribe their significant others for the ps5 and toe-sucking is definitely on the menu.

Would you be willing to suck some toes for a ps5? Hit the flip to see more wild reactions.

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