Bye Cheater! Supa Cent Locks Lips With NEW Boyfriend Weeks After Kicking Unfaithful Ex-Fiancée To The Curb

In the words of Mya to Silkk The Shocker, Supa Cent is “moving on”, and the makeup mogul did so expeditiously!

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In the words of Mya to Silkk The Shocker, Supa Cent is “moving on”, and the makeup mogul did so expeditiously!

Just a few weeks ago, Supa Cent put her cheating ex-fiancee Lou on blast on social media after he was apparently caught cheating on her with a teenage girl. DMs and text messages between a 17-year-old girl and Lou went viral online. Although Lou’s age isn’t known, he’s rumored to be in his mid-thirties which Supa admonished.

Supa then warned Lou that even if the rumor wasn’t true, she wasn’t going to stay in the relationship.

Fast forward to this week, it looks like Supa is making good on her promises. She shared a video of herself and a male acquaintance laying on her bosom. The clip was shared to The Shade Room, attracting thousands of comments from Supa fans, worried she’d might be moving “too fast” after Lou. BUT!

Supa didn’t let the critics fly without addressing the supposed concern over her dating decisions…scroll down to see what she had to say.

In response to folks concerned about her new man, Supa shared a photo of her laying a kiss on her new boyfriend and declared:

I’m not about to waste one man time to make another one jealous. I’m too old for that b******ss sh**! When I was broke up with dude last year for three months I didn’t post anybody or make it seem like I was dating. I knew I wasn’t ready then. I was single but still in love with somebody. My last relationship ended the day I was humiliated publicly and privately. I knew I wasn’t going back.

Supa added that she isn’t letting Lou stop her happiness, period!

I told myself I was going to date and be open to anything good that comes my way! IDC what happened in the past. No man is about to keep me on from moving on and loving again.

Near the end of July, Lou pledged to go to rehab after publicly humiliating Supa with cheating text messages. At the time, he had admitted to texting the teen to meet up and blamed his actions on an apparent opiod addiction. So far, we don’t know if he’s made good on his promise to seek medical help.

Good for her! We wish Supa the best in this situation. What are your thoughts about this?

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