SMH: Tahiry Tearfully Alleged Joe Budden Broke Her Nose, Fractured Her Rib And Mentally Abused Her While They Dated

Tahiry Jose shed tears as she opened up for the first time about alleged abuse she endured from ex-boyfriend Joe Budden.

Tahiry, Joe Budden

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Tahiry Jose shed tears as she opened up for the first time about alleged abuse she endured from ex-boyfriend Joe Budden.

The allegations came directly from the reality actress as she conversed with Hollywood Unlock’s Jason Lee. Reluctant at first, Tahiry described being put in the hospital by her ex and continually enduring mental abuse even after the relationship. “How do you heal from something that you watched somebody lie about for years?”, Tahiry started. She continued, noting that she was concerned about her “safety” before letting details out about allegedly volatile episodes with Joe, including him allegedly pushing her down a flight of stairs and dragging her by her ankles when she says she was trying to leave.

“That relationship left me with a fractured rib and a broken nose because somebody was sending him a message. And I used to always say, ‘Stop beefing out there, I’m still working.’ And he hit me on that nose and then pushed me down a flight of stairs. I remember having to talk him out of letting me go that day. I remember having a plan to leave because the reason he was so upset was because I was already leaving, looking through my phone and shit. But I had already told him give me two weeks to pack up my things. He agreed to it and then started looking through my phone. Next thing you know, I got woken up by him dragging me by my ankle. I managed to get up from that floor.

“I remember having everything in my bag, all the things that I needed to have in that bag — my passport, my birth certificate, you know, the shit that I needed. That’s all I needed and some money that I already had together … I knew better. I became that person that you hear about. Women need to know that a man will break your spirits before he actually puts his hands on you. It started with verbal abuse, emotional abuse and it eventually turned to that. I still fear for my safety. He hurt me bad and I just stayed quiet.

Tahiry then recalled how she even tried to protect Joe even after allegedly enduring a physically attack.

I went to the hospital and he sat next to me. I lied to the doctors and said I was cleaning a cabinet and fell in the kitchen — and then he rapped about it.”

Tahiry and Joe Budden dated for several years, sharing openly about their relationship in youtube vlogs before they parted ways. In 2014 Joe proposed to Tahiry while they were both cast members on ‘Love and Hip Hop New York’, which she declined. Even up to last year, the exes were still in each other’s reality tv storylines, with Tahiry appearing to “beef” with Joe’s ex Cyn Santana for #LHHNY cameras.

Just, wow. You can hear Tahiry speak on Joe Budden at the 50 minute mark.

This is far from the first time Joe Budden has been accused of being violent with an ex. In 2014, a bartender named Audely, alleged Joe Budden slammed her head into a car dashboard during a physical fight over her phone. The incident was investigated by police. Esther Baxter, who dated Joe in 2011 alleged physical violence as well.

SMH, are you shocked by Tahiry’s allegations?

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