#LovecraftCountry: HBO Drops The Trailer For Next Week’s Must-See Episode 2 “Whitey’s on the Moon” [Video]

HBO releases trailer for next week’s new episode of Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country

Source: HBO / HBO

If you didn’t turn your TV to HBO Sunday night at 9pm EST then you missed out on a classic hour of programming that we might well be looking back on 9 weeks from now as the beginning to an all-time epic series.

Lovecraft Country premiered to resounding applause on social media and beyond as audiences tripped over themselves to heap praise on the episode entitled “Sundown”. The tension was sky high and the complex dynamics between the characters left us wondering and wanting just like a debut should. With an introduction like that, one might think it difficult to maintain the energy going into week two but based on what we can see from the trailer of “Whitey’s On The Moon”, maintaining will NOT be an issue.

Take a look at a sneak peek from next Sunday’s hour of Lovecraft Country.

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