How You Hate Stanley?? ‘The Office’ Icon Leslie David Baker Shares Racist DMs He Received On Instagram

The Office’s Leslie David Baker shares racist DMs he was sent on Instagram

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Leslie David Baker might not be the name you know, but you 100% know “Stanley”, the seemingly-demure-yet-shady legend from the pop-culture establishment known as The Office.

By all measures, Leslie’s character is easily one of the most beloved both at Dunder-Mifland and here in the real world. However, in the real world, there are racists, bigots, and Nazis. Sadly, some of those folks made their way over to Leslie’s Instagram page and terrorized his DMs with really disgusting messages.

Leslie started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to get a pilot made for his Office spinoff show Uncle Stan . The goal was $300,000 and at the time of this writing, the page touts a $341,318 total and growing.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy for Leslie’s success…

Add “raising money while Black” to the list of things that trigger the soup cookie crowd.

In more positive news WE’RE GETTING A STANLEY SPINOFF! As devout fans of The Office we’re thrilled that we get to see at least ONE of the characters might be returning to our small screens on a regular basis. Hit that link to the Kickstarter above and toss a few coins into Leslie’s coffer so that the dream can come true!

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