‘I’d Like My Chances Vs. Trump Or Biden’: Stephen A. Smith Says He’d Run For President If He Had Support

Stephen A. Smith announced that if he had the support to do so, he would seriously consider running for President.

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Even after insulting Kanye West on his presidential run, Stephen A. Smith announced that if he had the support to do so, he would seriously consider running.

The sports commentator made the announcement on Wednesday after advocating for conjugal visits for NBA players inside of the NBA’s bubble at Disney World.

He made those comments on First Take this week, and of course, a clip of his sentiments ended up making its rounds online. When Washington Wizards baller Bradley Beal jokingly told Smith to chill out, Stephen A. clarified once again that he’s simply trying to fight for what’s right for our NBA players.

“Hey! Hey Bro! I’m just trying to look out for the fellas. Somebody’s gotta say something,” he tweeted. “The SACRIFICE y’all are making is extreme, cruel and unusual punishment. Y’all don’t deserve that bro. Somebody’s gotta look out!”

Perhaps because of his dedication to helping others–or maybe just because of his stance on conjugal visits–one fan ended up retweeting Stephen A. Smith’s reply to Bradley Beal and writing, “stephen a for president.” Unfortunately, the commentator took that seriously, letting everyone know that he would seriously consider running if he had the support–especially because he could use his years of experience on First Take to crush them in a debate.

I’d run if I had the support,” Smith tweeted. “Although I’m no politician, I’m about what’s best for the country. I’d like my chances vs. Trump or Biden. Especially in a debate. and Yes, I’m serious…..although I’m obviously not doing it.”

While Smith clarified he’s “obviously not doing it,” the crowd consensus seems to be that everyone would pay some good money to see Stephen A. Smith debate Donald Trump. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything nearly as entertaining in our future.


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