Jesus Take The Wheel: Watch This LA Car Chase End With Huge Crash And Driver Carried Off Like Sleeping Bag [Video]

Video footage of LAPD high-speed chase through San Fernando and Simi Valley

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Source: gremlin / Getty

We’re not sure if O.J. just gave people inspiration or what but there is ALWAYS a high-speed police chase going on somewhere in Los Angeles. Maybe it’s the overabundance of flat earth in the state but MAN do those folks love to run from the cops.

Anywho, yesterday’s installment of the non-compliant driver comes from Simi Valley where LAPD officers carried a lead-foot driver away like he was an expensive floor rug or campground sleeping bag.

According to ABC7, the chase began in San Fernando Valley and the vehicle was clocked by air support doing 100 MPH through residential streets before coming to a violent end when the car struck a concrete lampost. We have no idea how the driver survived but if nothing else this should be a commercial for seatbelts because if he wasn’t wearing on then the cops would probably be scraping pieces of his flesh off the street.

Press play down bottom to have a look at the harrowing chase, the heart-stopping crash, and the funny arrest.

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