We Heard A Rumor That ‘Umbrella Academy’s’ Emmy Raver-Lampman Is The Hottest SuperBae On TV

Celebration of incredibly talented “The Umbrella Academy” beauty Emmy Raver-Lampman

"The Umbrella Academy"

Source: Netflix

We’ve been stanning Emmy Raver-Lampman since the very beginning of Netflix’s wildly popular superhero series “The Umbrella Academy” that follows a dysfunctional family of supersiblings racing to stop the apocalypse without very much time or any idea how it actually happens.

The lovably flawed supersiblings were born on the same day and assigned numbers by their billionaire father who adopted and trained them to one day save the world a la Professor X and the X-Men.

Lampman (who got her start performing in Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ and national tours of ‘Hair’ and ‘Wicked’) plays “Allison” aka Number Three who has the power to control minds by saying “I heard a rumor”—followed by whatever she wants to happen.

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And yes, it’s just as cool as it sounds but also the source of her internal conflict between using the power to get whatever she wants and actually earning everything without having to manipulate situations.

It’s because of this moral struggle that she’s reluctant to use her powers as one of the more multi-layered characters on the show.

In Season 2, she finds herself in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement in 1960s Dallas after a time-traveling leap gone terribly wrong and that’s all we’ll say without spoiling the amazing season that’s currently trending on Netflix.

If you’re not on “The Umbrella Academy,” we highly suggest you catch up and see why everyone’s buzzing about our new fave superbae Emmy who deserves the social media stanning we compiled on the flip.

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