What A C-…Karen: Soup Cookie Struggle “Singer” Corina Monica Goes On Racist Rampage At Nail Salon “Go Back To Your F***ing Country”

Singer Corina Monica caught on video going on racist rant in nail salon

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We will never get tired of putting racist white folks on blast and they will never get tired of being racist white folks. It’s a reciprocal relationship that we don’t even wish to be in, but it’s necessary for the good of society. So, without further ado, we present to you, Corina Monica.

Now, we’re 100% positive that no one reading this has ever heard of Corina Monica. You have absolutely no reason to have heard of her because her music, much like her personality and general existence, is trash. Exhibit A:

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Now that you know how terrible Corina is, let us tell you why we will only be referring to her as KKKorina for the rest of this article. Yesterday, KKKorina was captured on video going on a deeply racist diatribe at her local nail salon because white and privileged and bratty. The reason KKKorina was making an a$$ of herself is irrelevant. Her kkkomments toward the Asian staff at the salon are very relevant. Peep the video below.

Did this heffa just say she’s about to blow up? Tuh.

Per usual, following her social media dragging, KKKorina hopped her big bigoted self on Instagram to “apologize” for saying exactly how we all know she feels.

Even after this weak-a$$ mea culpa, KKKorina is STILL trying to clean up aisle 1619…

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#letthemusicsetyoufree✌❤🤘 #corinamonica💋🎶🎶🎶 #downloadnow

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Do us a solid and hit up @CorinaMonicaOfficial on Instagram and tell her how you feel about what she did in that video.

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