Protect Ya Check: California COVID Caretaker Violently Relieved Of His $200,000 Life Savings After Walking Out Of Bank

California man robbed of $200,000 life savings after walking out of bank

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“Gimme the loot!”, The Notorious B.I.G. once exclaimed on his debut album Ready To Die and it appears that someone took those words way too literally.

According to KTLA, a man named Francisco Cornejo was robbed immediately after walking out of a bank where he had withdrawn his entire life savings, $200,000, in order to care for his family members who had lost their jobs during this COVID-19 pandemic. A bystnader took a video of the attack as a man in a black hoodie beat Francisco, knocked him to the ground, and made off with his satchel of cash.

“Within 30 seconds of just getting to his car, he was grabbed, beaten, robbed, and they took everything from him,” Cornejo’s attorney, Nathan Soleimani, told KTLA.

Francisco’s daughter, Sindy Flores, detailed exactly how badly her family needed that money and the implications that losing it will have on all of them.

“My parents needed this money to get through this pandemic as they are both unemployed, to support my 94 year old grandma with her medical and living expenses, to pay for my sister’s grad school tuition, and to send money to their family and loved ones in Mexico and El Salvador, as many of them have lost their jobs and homes due to the lack of work because of COVID-19 pandemic.”

Peep the video of the incident below.

Listen, the game is filthy and people are more than willing to do you dirty to come up, especially during these trying times. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Don’t get caught slippin’.

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