“I Can’t Breathe”: Another Black Man, John Neville, Utters The Fatal Phrase Before Police Kill Him With “Restraint Hold” [Video]

Video released of John Neville death at the hands of North Carolina police


Source: amphotora / Getty

F**k 12.

ABCNews is reporting the release of a video that shows five officers at Forsyth County Detention Center in Winston-Salem piled on top of 56-year-old John Neville as he shouts the now-infamous death call, “I can’t breathe!”. To which an officer indignantly replied, “You can breathe. You’re talking aren’t you?” Back in December of 2019 Neville was being held on an assault charge and somehow fell off the top bunk of his bed onto the hard concrete floor in his cell when officers arrived to treat him. When they attempted to put a spit mask on him things went very left.

Neville eventually lost consciousness and never returned. Two days later he was pronounced dead. Those five officers and one nurse were all charged with involuntary manslaughter last month. Mr. Neville’s autopsy report revealed that he suffered from asthma as well as heart disease.

Forsyth County Superior Court Judge R. Gregory Horne ordered the video released in order to “advance a compelling public interest.”

Obviously, this video is very difficult to watch and it lasts 8 minutes and 23 seconds. Just 23 seconds short of the amount of time it took for Derek Chauvin to kill George Floyd in a very similar manner.

Rest in peace to John Neville. Defund the police.

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