WEAR A Mask: 6-Year-Old British Girl Chokes On COVID-19 Face Mask That Was Inside Her McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets [Video]

English girl chokes on surgical mask bits in her McDonald’s chicken nuggets

Mask Left On The Street

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

This is some ol’ BULLS#!T.

A little girl in England damn near choked to death after ingesting the chicken nuggets her mother bought her from McDonald’s according to TMZ. After a few seconds of eating, 6-year-old Maddie began to cough and the terrified mother, Laura Arber, stuck her finger down her throat to force the food out.

Upon ejection, Laura examined the strangely colored vomit because it was speckled with sorts of blue material. Further investigation of the food led Laura to a startling discovery. Her daughter had been eating surgical mask!

She went on to post a video of herself cutting open one of the other nuggets and you can clearly see pieces of protective mask all inside the food. Maddie is fine and McDonald’s corporate issued an apology for the mishap.

Still! WTF?! Apology is great but if we were Laura we’d need some explanation and a good lawyer because we’d be coming for EVERYTHANG. Not everything. EVERYTHANG.

Press play to peep video evidence of the disgusting masked-up McNuggets.

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