Stimulus Trappage: Lori Harvey Drops Another Essential Care Package Of Sun-Kissed Thirst Traps

Twitter reacts to Lori Harvey’s latest thirst trap care package on Instagram

Benevolent baddie Lori Harvey was back at it again with the sun-kissed shenanigans–this time, blessing us lowly beggars, lessers and poors with an essential care package of thirst traps that immediately sent Instagram into swoonlivion.

At no point during quarantine has she removed her pretty foot from our necks as the true MVP (along with Draya, DJ Duffey, Summer Walker, Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie) who continues to distract us from the world getting crazier by the hour.

And, if you’re wondering about her high-profile baeship with fertile Future, you might not get very much out of the super private model who isn’t too fond of fame.

“It’s definitely frustrating,” Harvey vented in a rare interview with Pretty Little Things podcast ‘Behind Closed Doors.’

“I think I’ve developed tough skin through it all. If someone wants to think the worst of you, they’re going to think the worst of you no matter what you say. You can’t defend a lie. I think it’s a lot of things that are false about me in the media because clickbait is very real.”

I think that’s one thing the public doesn’t understand. I don’t think there’s an article you can find about me that doesn’t have “allegedly” or “rumored” in it. Because there’s no confirmation and they don’t care to fact check,” she added.

Hit the flip for Queen Lori’s latest essential care package of sun-kissed thirst traps on the flip.

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