Gnome Alone: Tory Lanez Deportation Rumors Surface In Conflicting Reports

Twitter reacts to conflicting reports on Tory Lanez deportation amid Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

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Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage

In the latest chapter of an increasingly perplexing saga, Canadian citizen Tory Lanez (real name Daystar Peterson) was reportedly punted out of the U.S. in a shocking development that many people had actually campaigned for last week.

According to an exclusive report from theJasmineBrand, the 5’3″ singer was ordered to be shipped back to his hometown of Brampton, Ontario after the alleged incident that left rising superstar Megan Thee Stallion traumatized with multiple wounds.

The report also revealed that he won’t return to the states until his sentencing/court date.

However, Hot 97 disputes this claim:

“We spoke to some sources close to the matter to Lanez who denied the allegations in the report, and said that Tory Lanez is doing well in the United States.”

At this point, we don’t know which of the conflicting reports is more accurate but doubt that a popular outlet would run an unvetted exclusive in this messy misinformation era

Without any more concrete details or statements from Tory, we’re STILL at a standstill that continues to fuel petty shenanigans across social media.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over conflicting Tory Lanez deportation rumors on the flip.

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