Oh, The Iron-knee: Orlando MAGAgic Baller Jonathan Isaac Suffers Excruciating Torn ACL After Refusing To Kneel During Anthem For #BlackLivesMatter

Orlando Magic Jonathan Isaac tears ACL after refusing to kneel for the national anthem to support Black Lives Matter

Magic rout of Kings overshadowed by Jonathan Isaac knee injury

Source: Orlando Sentinel / Getty

Aye, man. Listen, man. What do you want us to say? S#!t happens, right?

Sometimes. Sometimes even when justice isn’t social, it’s poetic.

Jonathan Isaac lit up Twitter this past weekend when he became the first and only NBA player not to take a knee in support of #BlackLivesMatter. When Taylor Rooks asked Jonathan about his controversial decision he gave a nonsensical word salad answer about Jesus and the gospel. As you can imagine he was called all type of sell-outs, uncle toms, coons, corny, and more. He was even outed as a MAGA (whether he voted for Trump or not is inconsequential) after Twitter learned that he questioned the veracity of Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us about the Central Park 5.

The very next time Jonathan stepped on the court was last night as his Orlando Magic played the Sacramento Kings. Considering what happened to Jonathan, it might be the last time he steps on the court for a while.

Last night, during the fourth quarter of a game the Magic were literally winning by 30 points, this happened…

ESPN is reporting that Jonathan suffered a torn ACL in his left knee. The same knee that he hyperextended back in January in a game against the Washington Wizards. Twitter was absolutely unruly.

Isaac’s teammate Aaron Gordon says he became emotional watching his guy get hurt.

“That one brought me to tears, and instantly — just because I know how good of a guy J.I. is and how hard he works and how hard he has worked to get back since hurting himself in D.C. That was tough.”

Get well.

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