#BlackLivesMatter: Ozark Hate Watch Protesters March On KKK Grand Wizard In Harrison “The Most Racist City In America” Arkansas

Ozark Hate Watch marches on KKK grand wizard’s compound in Zinc, Arkansas

Ku-Klux-Klan in Harrison/Arkansas

Source: picture alliance / Getty

Our hearts don’t no pump kool-aid.

In this reinvigorated era of protest against the social injustices that plague us, Black people aren’t going to sit back and allow the enemy to feel comfortable with their oppression. In the words of the indelible Pimp C, they “gonna smell our cologne”. It was in that spirit that Black folks pulled up to Harrison, Arkansas, the city dubbed “the most racist city in America” to holla at the Grand Wizard of the KKK Thomas Robb.

Nah, seriously.

Ku-Klux-Klan in Harrison/Arkansas

Source: picture alliance / Getty

According to the NYDailyNews, Ozarks Hate Watch organized the protesters who armed with everything from signs, to guns, to flame-throwers (literally) made a trip to the city of soup cookies to force the racist devils to look them in the eyes so they know who they’re dealing with.

Quinn Foster, who organized the protest, carried the flamethrower and wore a body cam during the march, later said he did not want to “lug” the flamethrower around, but “felt it was completely necessary just in case” after receiving multiple death threats while planning the event. The event was publicized for several days before the group marched.

OHW documented the event with body cameras, cell phone video, and photographs of police and citizen militias guarding the KKK property. Quinn says the group had no plans to storm the compound but they want their presence to be felt.

Recently, you may have seen a viral video floating around social media that shows a white man name Rob Bliss posted up in Harrison holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign, Suffice to say he got quite a reaction. If you haven’t seen the clip we highly suggest you press play below.


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