It’s A 213 Thing: Tiffany Haddish Defends Blueface For Throwing Money At Homeless People On Skid Row

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Tiffany Haddish Says There’s Nothing Wrong With Blueface’s Recent Donation

Blueface’s recent act of kindness didn’t go over to well with a lot of people, but the way Tiffany Haddish sees it, he was simply keeping on the with the traditions of LA’s hood.

The comedian is speaking up following some backlash toward Blueface, who recently posted a video of him giving back to some of the less fortunate people in Los Angeles. In the video, the rapper can be seen on top of his car chucking cash into the sky as a crowd of homeless people rush to grab it.

He captioned the footage, “the season of giving.”

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The season of giving 💰

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A lot of people responded to this post negatively, calling the way Blueface delivered the money degrading and pointing out that he could have just handed it to them or made a donation in a more civilized fashion.

Now, Tiffany Haddish is coming to the rapper’s defense, saying anyone whose offended by the video must not be from the hood.

A few days after the video was posted, TMZ caught up with Tiffany at the Laugh Factory, where they asked about the incident. In the footage, the comedian recalls her own days growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, saying there’s nothing dehumanizing or out of the ordinary about what Blueface did in an effort to give back.

“For my entire life I have known a lot of men with money that are affiliated to jump on top of their best vehicle and make it rain on everybody,” she says in the footage. She goes on to ask if anyone’s calling it dehumanizing when strippers are picking up their money off the floor, comparing the two situations.

After defending him, Haddish goes on to say that the whole thing would have been degrading if Blueface was throwing out $1 bills, but if he was throwing out 100’s, that can change someone’s whole situation–though it’s not really clear in the video what kind of bills the rapper was launching from atop his car.

Peep the video down below to see what Tiffany Haddish had to say in defend of Blueface and his questionable charitable act:

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