Blended Beef: Swizz Beatz’s Baby Mama Blasts Step-Umi Alicia Keys For Allegedly Overstepping

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Jahna Sabastian Seemingly Shades Alicia Keys’ Step-Parenting

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Swizz Beatz’ baby mama in the UK, but she seemingly has some issues to air out with Alicia Key AGAIN, this time in regards to her allegedly overstepping parenting boundaries. Jahna Sabastian took to IG to air out a “step-parent” who bought her daughter a phone and also asked the child to call her ‘umi’, all without her mother’s consent.

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Sabastian writes:

“I usually use my social media and platforms to share my knowledge, inspiration, music and the New Musical Book I am writing. I am not into drama, however, at this point, I am fed up. First of all, to clarify, Nicole lives in the UK with me her entire life, and I am the one raising her on a daily basis…This ‘stepparent’ got an iPhone X in the US, that she controls, for my daughter Nicole, created an Apple ID attached to her own Apple ID under family sharing, has Apple store purchase permissions on behalf of my child attached to her account, all without my consent, when I am Nichole’s real and only mother. It is clearly stated on Apple’s web-site that an Apple ID for minors can only be created with the consent from the parent. Apps and Apple store purchases also can only be done with the parental consent…Nowhere does it say: ‘Create an Apple ID for your stepchild’.”

Jahna continues airing out issues with Alicia, alleging the singer asked her child to call her ‘mom’ in Arabic.

The stepparent is not raising my child, in fact she even got in the way of things in the past, which I have been quiet about…At the same time as the iPhone appeared, the stepparent started having Nicole calling her ‘Umi’, which means ‘Mother’ in Arabic, even though I have stated multiple times throughout the years, that I do not agree with any kind of ‘mom’ name for another person…Nicole’s brothers call my by my name, Jahna. All the other mothers are called by their names…If this stepparent was truly for women empowerment, caring for the sisters and equality, then she wouldn’t separate her status from all of the other three women…”

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