Mo Money: Dr. Dre Tops Forbes’ List Of Top-Earning Musicians Of The Decade

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Dr. Dre Comes Out On Top For Highest Earners Of The Decade

Another decade is coming to an end, which means Forbes has released their list of the top-earning musicians of the decade. On the top of that list is none other than Dr. Dre, who has earned a whopping $950 million over the last 10 years.

Even though the musician only released one album, Compton, back in 2015, the legendary producer’s earning have come pretty much entirely from his 20 percent stake in Beats, which was acquired by Apple in 2014 for $3 billion.

Coming up right behind Dre is Taylor Swift at $825 million, then Beyoncé with $685 million. According to Forbes, these earnings were measured by “looking at touring data from Pollstar, music consumption numbers from Nielsen and interviews with managers, agents and many of the stars themselves,” not accounting for living expenses or taxes.

Even though Dr. Dre is the top-earning musician of the decade, if postmortem earnings were included in this list, Michael Jackson would take the number one spot easily with an estimated $2.37 billion.

Check out Forbes‘ list of the top-earning musicians of the decade down below:

1. Dr. Dre ($950 million USD)

2. Taylor Swift ($825 million USD)

3. Beyoncé ($685 million USD)

4. U2 ($675 million USD)

5. Diddy ($605 million USD)

6. Elton John ($565 million USD)

7. Jay-Z ($560 million USD)

8. Paul McCartney ($535 million USD)

9. Katy Perry ($530 million USD)

10. Lady Gaga ($500 million USD)

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