Headline Heat: BOSSIP Staffers React To The JUICIEST, Filthiest Headlines Of The Decade [Video]

Headline Heat: Juiciest Headlines Of The Decade

Do you remember all of the craziest celebrity news stories from the last 10 years???

This week on Headline Heat, Bossip staffers react to the juiciest headlines of the decade. Senior content direct Janee Bolden, editor Aiesha Arab, and associate editor Alex Ford are in the hot seats. We talk about Kanye West and his “slavery was a choice” quote, Jordyn Woods being blamed for the downfall of Khloe Kardashian’s already rocky relationship with Tristan Thompson, Rachel Dolezal’s transracial issues, Jay-z vs Solange in the elevator’s death ring, Kevin Hart’s scandal being clowned all over the internet, and what color was the dress? Blue and Black, or White and Gold?

Hit play!

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