“Growing Up Hip Hop” Exclusive: Pepa Tells Tee Tee To Back Off Sam [VIDEO]

Growing Up Hip Hop

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Pepa Thinks Tee Tee Is Too Opinionated About Sam And Egypt’s Relationship

WeTV has your post-holiday entertainment locked and loaded and ready to go! A brand new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop” airs Thursday night and we’ve got an exclusive clip. Check it out below:

That didn’t sound too convincing to us. Do you think Tee Tee is truly listening and will stay out of it?

Here’s what all to expect from the episode:

JoJo seeks marriage guidance from Rev Run when JoJo’s baby fever strikes a bad chord with Tanice. Pepa warns Tee Tee to stop meddling in Egypt and Sam’s relationship while Briana rages on. Ava breaks down over the legal war with her father Dame.

GROWING UP HIP HOP – “NO RUN IN THE OVEN” – Airs Thursday, December 26 at 9/8C

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