A Lil Positivity: Dallas Radio DJ “lilD” Makes Girls Career Dreams Come True For Christmas

Radio DJ “lilD” Pairs Women & Girls To Fulfill Career Dreams

A Texas radio DJ is giving the gift of access and opportunity to young girls this holiday season.

Dee “lilD” Porter, of Dallas’ 97.9 The Beat, paired local girls with working women to see what it’s like in their careers from day to day.

Porter, the author of “Route 2,” a memoir of her ascent from homelessness to radio stardom, chose 12 girls, who each spent the day shadowing a woman who made it in their chosen career field.

One tween girl spent the day with lilD herself, while another spent the day with an educator. Another girl spent time with a pharmacist, while another learned the ins and outs of life as an animator.

The result is the YouTube mini-series the “12 Days of Christmas,” and each day lilD releases a new video about the girls’ experience.

The “12 Days of Christmas” continues through Christmas Day.

Congrats Dee!

Check out the video above.

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