RHOA: Here’s Why Kenya And Her Relationship With Marc Is Getting DRAGGED Across The Internet

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Kenya Gets Dragged

Kenya and Marc’s relationship has been one very extensive punchline and punching bag for the past few years. Things got even worse this week. First, Kenya tried to spoil Mike’s proposal to Cynthia, ratting him out and doing her best to rain on the parade. Even Marc had some words for her.

Then Marc later told the story of how he proposed to Kenya and it sounded like pure struggle and emotionless emptiness. That led to more of the internet clowning their seemingly loveless relationship. Yikes.

Then she and Marc had a big fight over prenups and who owned what, prompting the internet to wonder what the hell is even up with their marriage at all. Overall, it was a tumultuous and rough night for Kenya.

Twitter showed NO mercy. Take a look…

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