Man Sentenced To 8 Years After Fatally Punching Man That Allegedly Tried To Break Into His Daughters Bathroom Stallo Break Into His Daughters Bathroom Stall

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Phoenix Dad Gets 8 Years For Fatally Beating Man That Tried To Break Into Daughters Bathroom Stall

According to the NY Daily News, a Phoenix father is sitting behind bars after he reportedly beat a man to death for trying to breaking into his teenage daughter’s bathroom stall at a QuikTrip gas station.

Melvin Harris III, 41, admitted to investigators he fatally punched a man outside of a QuikTrip after Harris’s daughter & her friends came out of the store and told him that the man tried to get into his daughter’s bathroom stall. The man had reportedly just asked Harris for change before going into the store where the young girls were in the restroom.

Harris reportedly approached the man, later identified as Leon Armstrong, outside the store and punched him in the face repeatedly. Harris continued punching while he was on the ground and kicking him before driving off and fleeing the scene, leaving Armstrong with a fractured nose & brain swelling.

He would later be rushed to the nearest hospital where he died in as a result of his extensive injuries.

Harris pleaded guilty to manslaughter and will reportedly spend the next 8 years behind fr his actions.

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