Aubrey O’Day EXPOSES Alleged Radio Payola In Music Industry Today — ‘$160K To Break A Record!’

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Aubrey O’Day Alleges ALL Big Artists Pay Money For Radio Play

In case you ever wondered why you hear some of the same songs all over the radio or how certain artists don’t get love on The Billboard charts despite being GOOD, Aubrey O’Day alleges its all about MONEY and bribing. The Danity Kane star visited Sway’s morning show on XM radio spilling tea!

The singer alleges this applies to all artists, not just some. As Aubrey is speaking about ‘radio consultants’ charging tens of thousands of dollars to ‘sell’ records to major stations, Sway is nodding in agreement but stays silent because the practice is illegal. The interview clip is from 2018 but it’s since been deleted off of the internet forever. Hmmm, we wonder why…

Do YOU think she’s telling the truth here?

Yikes! It makes you question all the press certain people get about ‘breaking records’; they have labels with money. Probably a good idea ro just support the music you love!

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