#LHHH: Apryl And Fizz FINALLY Smashed Each Other’s Cakes To Smithereens And Got DRAGGED For Their Fakery

Apryl Fizz

Source: VH1 / VH1

Apryl And Fizz Are Coupled Up

You knew this was coming. Apryl and Fizz have been pretending to have some sort of platonic relationship for the entire season of Love & Hip-Hop, dragging out the “will they, won’t they” for weeks now. The problem is, we already know they did and we already know they still are. So what’s the hold up? Drama?

Anyway, it finally happened with Apryl acting like she oops’d onto his junk somehow. No, we know how it happened. Y’all are both messy and horny at the same damn time. Twitter has been fed up with this charade for a while and was more than happy to clown both of them for their shenanigans.

Peep the jokes and slander that were flying…

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