Waka Flocka Doesn’t Care About Top Lists: “The Sound Of Hip Hop Today Is ‘Cause Of [Me]”

The Top Rapper List craze has swept social media once again, and as usual, it has upset a few artists. While T.I. was building a record of who he considers to be the Top 50 Rappers of all time, someone else was crafting a list of Atlanta’s 50 best emcees. Both Gucci Mane and 21 Savage weren’t shy about vocalizing their disapproval, but Waka Flocka couldn’t care less about his including. 

To be clear, Waka did make the “Atlanta Top 50 Rappers” list, taking the No. 26 spot, but he jumped on Instagram to share a video of himself talking about why he believes lists aren’t important. “Aye, look man. All that, that list everybody doing and sh*t. That little rap list sh*t. Look man, I don’t wanna be on that sh*t. First of all, I’m not from Atlanta,” Waka said. “I was born in Jamaica Queens, New York, so I can’t be on that list. If you wasn’t born in Atlanta, why the f*ck you on [this] list. But I will say this, n*gga. The sound of hip hop today is ’cause of Waka Flocka. These beats are ’cause of me.”

According to Waka, the fascination with Top Lists is something that is primarily an obsession in hip hop culture. “I don’t see n*ggas in the EDM world saying who the number one this, or in the pop world. Why every time it come to our community, we gotta compete to be number one? F*ck being number one, bruh. Who get most money on shows? Who got ice? Who doin’ sh*t for they community? Who really was broke five years ago and really up like f*ck? N*gga, you number one. Who really knocking out these shows? C’mon, bruh. That’s really number one, my boy. Stop lettin’ that list get to y’all n*ggas head. That sh*t lame.

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