#MarriedToMedicine: Contessa Crassly Calls Dr. Eugene A ‘Big A$$ B***!’ [Video]


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Source: Kathy Boos / Bravo

Now, THIS is messy…

Contessa Calls Out Dr. Euguene On “Married To Medicine

During the season premiere of “Married To Medicine” season 7, the ladies rehashed some of their old issues and one of the husbands got called out. The ladies attended an event for Dr. Damon’s new ambulatory surgical center and of course, some shady shenanigans took place.

During a convo when the ladies were discussing men doing “b*** s***” Dr. Contessa suggested that she should be able to call the ladies’ husbands “b***s” for their behavior—but when her (archnemesis) Toya Bush-Harris chimed in—things went left.

“Your husband is literally the definition of a big a** b***! Your husband act like one!” said Contessa about Toya Bush-Harris’ husband Eugene

Mind you, Toya said NOTHING about the quip but Twitter is going IN on Contessa for the messy comment.

Watch below.

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