Juice WRLD Makes The Weeknd An Offer He Can’t Refuse

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Juice WRLD wants to get in the studio with The Weeknd.

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Who would turn this down? Juice WRLD has a significant track record on the charts for one of rap’s newcomers. His music pleases just about everybody, appealing to the broken-down youth and those who seek comfort through his own stories of hardship. “Lucid Dreams” was a smash hit, remaining near the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks before it started to lose traction. The Chicago-raised rapper has a list of artists that he knows he would work well with and one man shot up to the top after he reemerged with a new look at TIFF: The Weeknd. Juice WRLD shot his shot at the Torontonian, crossing his fingers that he wants to make a hit as bad as himself. 

Taking to Twitter, Juice WRLD said that he’s feeling inspired and that he wants to craft his next take-over single. He knows exsctly who to bring into the madness too. “Me and The Weeknd would make a diamond record,” wrote Juice on social media, hoping that the artist would notice the message and issue a public response. So far, Abel hasn’t said anything about this potential collaboration but there’s a chance he hasn’t even seen the tweet. After all, he’s not even tagged in it.

Do you think Juice WRLD is right? Would a collaboration between himself and The Weeknd be diamond certified?

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