#LHHH: Brittany B Got All-Time DRAGGED For Her STRUGGLE Vocals After Weeks Of Talking All That Isht

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Brittany B LHHH

Source: VH1 / VH1

Brittany B’s Singing Is Trashed

Brittany B is Love & Hip-Hop’s newest troublemaker and thickalicious wannabe superstar to emerge this season. She’s spent most of the season preparing everyone for the fact that she is going to be R&B’s latest sensation. In the meantime, she’s been trashing Lyrica for her supposed inability to hold a note. Well, when the A&R decided to start singing at Jasonn Lee’s showcase…things took a turn for the absolute worse.

She. Sounded. Horrible.

According to Twitter, of course. We are a judgement free zone at BOSSIP, we’ll have you know. So instead we’ll just show you the rest of Twitter RAGTAGGING that a$$ over her struggle tunes.


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