Shy Glizzy Floats On “Aloha” EP Standout, “Profanity”

Glizzy and Harry make a good pair.

Two weeks ago, Shy Glizzy dropped the trunk-rattling “Waikiki Flow” to announce his Aloha EP, which arrived on Friday. Sonically, the EP doesn’t provide much of a Hawaiian vibe. This theme only seems to be captured in the cover art, some song titles and the fact that it was entirely recorded in Hawaii. However, Glizzy in vacation-mode results in him sounding incredibly comfortable, yet forceful, on these beats. 

“Profanity” was produced by the talented Harry Fraud, who produced all but one song on the EP. When Glizzy has the right instrumental, he can take off like some of the best in the game. His semi-whiny voice can twist and wind around a beat in fascinating ways. There’s an impulsiveness and unpredictability in his delivery that make his songs so much fun to bop and sing along to. The three repetitions of the chorus on “Profanity” takes up most of the track, but it has the substance and catchiness to make the song a smash.

Quotable Lyrics

We got automatics, no, we don’t need a manual
I like to rock animals with Eric Emanuel
Always late for dinner, she take too long at the vanity
This the life of a sinner, I use too much profanity

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