Matt Muse Celebrates Love In All Its Forms Via “Love & Nappyness”

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Matt Muse shares new effort.

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Finding inspiration in church agape, a symbol of fellowship, Matt Muse comfortably crafted his latest Love & Nappyness effort as a means of celebrating the many ways that love can be expressed. 

“The festival was everybody feasting together in the basement of our church celebrating love,” he tells VIBE. “Love doesn’t just exist in this vacuum of intimate relationships. It actually exists in all these other ways too,” he says.

According to Matt, tackling the “corniness” typically attached to love songs was the feat used to create this effort: “The way I automatically combat that corniness is the nappyness,” he adds. “It’s real, it’s me, it’s genuine. Everything I talk about in every one of these songs is one million percent real to me.”

Take a full listen below.


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