Common & Swizz Beatz Touch Down With Episode 2 Of “Hercules” Music Video

Earlier this summer, Common and Vince Staples starred in a music video to accompany the Chicago rhymer’s “Hercules” track, and now he has returned to deliver on “Episode 2” of the music video, adding Swizz Beatz to star in the mix this time around and adding yet another lens to underscore the single which precede Common’s forthcoming Let Love album.

This time around, the video is directed by Art, taking on the track’s subject matter in a clearer manner.

“Hercules is the symbolism of strength. It’s the freedom within oneself, freedom in your mind, freedom in your spirit to be able to overcome anything,” Common can be heard reciting at the top of the clip.“It takes that fight within oneself and that peace to be able to win and to be able to be victorious, to triumph and overcome any and everything.”

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