Wendy Williams Kicks It With Cardi, Begs Fans To ‘Save Her’ From Her Hot Girl Summer

Wendy Williams Parties With Cardi B

Hot girl Wendy’s back on the prowl! After already canoodling with a younger man and partying with her “little sis” Blac Chyna, newly single Wendy Williams partied over the weekend in New York.

Wendy kicked it with Cardi B Saturday as well as her bestie Medina for a night on the town that included Cardi twerking and Wendy’s legs swelling from her lymphodema. She also added that she’s “frightened by the drama” but “happy at the same time” as she anxiously awaits her September 16 return to TV.

LMAO! Looks like Wendy’s overwhelmed by her hot girl summer shenanigans.

Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee caught video of Cardi partying with Wendy who looked absolutely elated to be out with the rapper.

Live your best life, Wendy.

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