Messy Breakups: Joe Budden Tweets Suggest Ex-Fiancée Cyn Santana Is Forbidding Him From Seeing Their Podcast Seed

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Joe Budden Being Locked Out Of His Son’s Life?

Remember when Joe Budden tweeted that parenting this time around with Cyn Santana would be “different” and his fans got all into a tizzy? Well, it seems like history is repeating itself for the single podcaster.

Joe and Cyn Santana split up a few months back and now he’s insinuating that she’s stopping him from seeing their baby boy together. Joe tweeted:

“I miss my son so much…. gotta go thru it tho… again.”

The “again” Budden likely is referring to is in regards to his teenage son. The rapper has been open about being estranged from the teen boy’s life for year because of his lack of civility with the boy’s mother.

Joe agrees with a fan who said he thought he made “different and better choices” by welcoming a baby with Cyn, but apparently history repeats itself.

Do YOU think what Joe is insinuating is true? So far Cyn Santana has not commented publicly on accusations she’s depriving Joe of any visitation with their baby boy.


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