YNW Melly Shares “Dangerously In Love” From Behind Bars

YNW Melly may be new to the game, with his career already hanging in the balance, but damned if he hasn’t already cultivated a loyal fanbase. Piggybacking off the strength of his recent We All Shine album, the incarcerated young rapper has continued to make waves, despite being incapable of recording any new music. Yesterday, however, Melly’s team made sure to deliver a loosie on his behalf, teasing a “new album” in the process. “Melly wanted to share this song with his fans,” writes the message. “He always wants you to know he loves you and appreciates you.”

“Dangerously In Love” is slightly different territory for Melly, who showcases some of his unsung pop sensibilities. Say what you will about the man, but he knows his way around melody, and the emotion he imbues within his music feels sincere. Perhaps that’s what helped him gain such a devout following, willing to look the other way amidst a controversial legal saga. Are you looking forward to new music from the young rapper? 

Quotable Lyrics

You know I’m thuggin’, hit it with my durag on
Baby, can we please make love on a mattress full of hundreds?

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