DJ Snake & Bryson Tiller Drop Off New Single “Smile”

The Trap Soul King is enjoying his moment in the sun. Following the recent drop of his latest single “Blame,” the regularly elusive Bryson Tiller has once again asserted his presence with “Smile.” Led by DJ Snake, who dropped off his Carte Blanche album earlier today, Tiller takes to the atmospheric instrumental to spit some romantic game. Directed at a potential love interest, Tiller makes his intentions well known off the bat, proving that he’s not here for a one night stand, unless of course, that’s what she’s into. 

That’s not to say he’s dipping his toes into G-rated waters. For the most part, Tiller’s invitation for grown-folk business is vividly realized, albeit with a welcome touch of class. Unfortunately, Tiller’s victories are another man’s defeat, and the Trapsoul singer ensures that anyone lacking is going home empty-handed. It’s nothing personal. Stream the melodic new drop now, and be sure to chime in with your thoughts below. Are you ready for a full-blown Bryson Tiller comeback?

Quotable Lyrics

Yell while back girl, I had it, hop on it
Girl, let’s call it a night, you damn right
Cool with me if you stayin’ the night
He blew your high like dandelion
You made your wish, I grant it right

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