Stevie J Claims Joseline Hernandez Hasn’t Allowed Him To See Daughter In 30 Days

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Stevie J wants to see his daughter.

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Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez have been going back and forth with their breach of custody claims regarding their daughter, Bonnie Bella. First Stevie filed for custody after fearing for his daughter’s safety and then Joseline responded, denying any wrongdoing and asking for a child support increase. Bossip now reports that Stevie has reportedly not seen or been able to contact his daughter in over a month. Court documents detail how Stevie is worried about his daughter’s health and safety since he hasn’t been able to get any response from her in so long. 

“The petitioner is unaware of the safety of the minor child or her current health status due to such prohibitions inflicted by the respondent,” Stevie’s court documents state. Luckily, both Stevie and Joseline are due in court today (July, 24th) to come to an agreement about their daughter and settle on a custody plan that will benefit both of them.

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When Stevie first filed for custody he detailed how his new marriage with Faith Evans and the presence of her family, as well as his extended family, would be a better environment for his daughter to be raised. Joseline called his case just a “frivolous action to try to take the child from the only home the child has known.”  


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