Nas Sends Love To Notorious B.I.G: “Still Miss B.I.G Poppa”

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Nas pays homage to one of New York’s longstanding kings.

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Nas understands a thing or two about New York’s royal lineage, being a viable claimant to the Thone in his own right. Yet Mr. Jones has always been both a student and a professor of hip-hop history, and thus, understands the importance of his forebears. It’s no secret that Nas and The Notorious B.I.G have a deep and complex personal history, explored in detail on the excellent God’s Son track “Last Real N***a Alive.” Today, Nas took a moment to pay homage to the late legend, taking to Instagram to share a throwback pic of Big Poppa.

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“Still miss B.I.G Poppa,” he writes, alongside an image of the legend in action. “No Bad Energy Please No Nad Energy. Only Good Energy Peace To All.” It’s unclear what sparked this wave of Biggie nostalgia, but either way, Nas is a real one for paying respects. It’s sometimes easy to forget the lost ones come and gone, but thanks to posts like this, perhaps a new generation of listeners will come to understand the depths of Big’s influence.

Killer Mike made sure to pay homage in the comment section, dubbing Biggie “The Gawd.” Clearly, the Notorious one’s reach extends well beyond his native New York; even Atlanta has love for the B.I.G. Much respect to Nas for sharing this!


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